Case Studies


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The case studies of Agile EDU each present an in-depth investigation of a phenomenon related to data use in education within its real-life context. Case studies explore any phenomenon with all of its aspects: challenges, enablers and the set of decisions and their impact on the phenomenon. For developing the case studies the project collects data through semi-structured interviews, focus groups and desk research.

The project will release 9 case studies in total in the spring of 2025 which will focuse on the key implications of data use in education:

  1. Data perspective – protection, safety and privacy of student/school data (technical specifications and legal framework) and interoperability/comparability of data collected at school, regional and central levels.
  2. Teaching and learning perspective – data use for improving teaching and learning; ethical and inclusive use of data in education; setting ethical and inclusive digital learning environments.
  3. Ecosystem perspective – data use for monitoring schools and making decisions to support schools at local or central level; governance of data use, including the responsibilities of all stakeholders (industry, schools, research institutions, teacher education organisations, local/regional/central authorities).